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Rakesh Shetty is the Head of Marketing for Strategic Industries at SAP responsible for financial services, retail, public services and telecommunications sectors. Mr. Shetty has worked in the software industry for over 18 years in a variety of roles delivering enterprise software solutions with assignments in Asia, Europe and the United States.

IoT Lowers Costs, Improves Risk Assessment For Auto Insurance Industry  

19-Jul-2017 | Rakesh Shetty

In a prior blog, “Internet of Things: Have We Come Full Circle?”, I explored some of the major transformations that were underway and have since significantly accelerated over the past couple of y

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Reimagining Insurance Business Models: The Digital Lifestyle Insurer And Connected Insurer

7-Oct-2016 | Rakesh Shetty

Despite rapid technology innovation, the vast majority of insurance is still sold the way it has been for decades: old-fashioned, face-to-face meetings between brokers and clients. That’s finally

Personalized Medicine: Can The Healthcare Industry Scale The Barriers To Entry … and Will It Pay Off?

11-May-2016 | Rakesh Shetty

The rise of digitization in every aspect of medicine – from appointment-setting and diagnosis to prescriptions and billing – has increased hopes that personalized medicine may be able to transform

Bridging The Digital Divide: A Gateway To Prosperity

17-Dec-2015 | Rakesh Shetty

In a recent blog, A Covenant For Prosperity: Connected Communities, I explored the concept of how connected communities can serve as role models to usher in prosperity. In conversations with customers

A Covenant For Prosperity: Connected Communities

4-Nov-2015 | Rakesh Shetty

In today’s digital economy, where global wealth is expected to reach $70.5 trillion by 2017, what does prosperity mean to you? Dictionary.com defines it as:  a successful, flourishing, or thrivi

Innovation In Healthcare: Who Cares?

6-Oct-2015 | Rakesh Shetty

The world has seen major innovations in health services over the past several years. These advances are enabling reimagined business models that deliver better services and care. The resulting transfo

Easy Money: Fuel For Innovation Or Fool’s Gold?

27-Aug-2015 | Rakesh Shetty

Over the past decade central banks have unleashed waves of monetary easing unprecedented in scope and scale. For example, in August 2015 China devalued the yuan to ensure the growth trajectory from

Customer Trust: The Backbone Of An Innovative Insurer

15-Jul-2015 | Rakesh Shetty

Companies in the health insurance world are challenged more than ever before. Processing claims is more complex, especially with the enormous amount of data generated, much of which is often fragmente