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Praveen N

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Praveen currently heads Cloud Operations & Engineering for SAP Globalization Services. Praveen is on a quest to bring happiness to millions across the world through communication, collaboration, and support of ecosystems – through the active use of technology. He joined SAP in 2007 and has worked across various roles in QGP and DNA, in HANA apps, edge solutions, and system engineering, as well as business models, growth hacking, GTM, and commercialization of products inside and outside SAP. He has worked on building solutions in the wellness space to help people with Alzheimer’s disease engage in intellectual activities. He is passionate about start-ups and runs “inthecar9”, a YouTube channel which discusses technology and social issues.

Digitalization: Maximizing Your Bite In The Cloud

20-Sep-2018 | Praveen N

Today, digital transformation is the new normal, leading to transformation of all functions and processes of an organization. This implies the need for a new "operating model" for almost every company