Pierpaolo Vezzosi

Pierpaolo Vezzosi

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Pierpaolo Vezzosi is the Director of Product Management at SAP, responsible for the vision, strategy and outbound product management for the SAP Analytics offering in the areas of Predictive Analytics, big data and SAP BI offering on SAP HANA.

Basics Of Predictive Analytics

13-Nov-2015 | Pierpaolo Vezzosi

In recent blogs we talked about data mining and various types of analytics, such as predictive, advanced, exploratory, prescriptive analytics, and others. These are concepts that are best explained si

Cultivating Value From Large Datasets Using Exploratory Analytics

10-Nov-2015 | Pierpaolo Vezzosi

Third in a three-part blog series on exploratory analytics As business conditions change and requirements evolve, so must the tools that we use. A farmer tilling a small garden with good soil could f

needle in a haystack

Using Exploratory Analytics To Find That Needle In The Data Haystack

26-Oct-2015 | Pierpaolo Vezzosi

Recently a performance artist at a modern art museum in Paris searched an entire haystack for a single actual needle. Stem by stem and leaf by leaf, artist Sven Sachsalber sorted through the hay. Afte