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Phil King

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Drawing from his 30 years of experience in IT and public sector organizations, Phil King is the Sales Director for the Public Sector in the UK and Ireland at SAP. He is passionate about working with the public sector to drive innovation that improves people’s lives and makes the world a better place.

How An Intelligent, Cloud-Based Future Can Benefit The Public Sector

14-Nov-2018 | Phil King

Public sector organisations at all levels are under a lot of pressure. The National Audit Office has warned that some, like local councils, are at a breaking point – a state of affairs which is set

How The Public Sector Can Provide A More Seamless Employee Experience

31-Oct-2018 | Phil King

Last year, the BBC reported that morale in the public sector is at "critical levels," with staff "looking to leave in their droves." In reality, the exodus has already begun. The number of public sect

What Makes A Successful Smart City?

23-Apr-2018 | Phil King

It was back in 2011 that Mark Deakin and Husam Al Wear defined the concept of a smart city as a place where a range of electronic and digital technologies are deployed to transform living and working

How The Public Sector Can Fight Fraud With Fast Data

17-Apr-2018 | Phil King

Fraudsters’ increasingly sophisticated methods in their intent to steal taxpayers’ money by any means necessary is an ongoing battle for legitimate businesses and organizations, and one that many

Accelerated Digital Journeys Improve The Lives Of Citizens

28-Feb-2018 | Phil King

At the latest SAP Public Sector event, Delivering Digital Transformation into Public Services, held at the Deloitte Digital offices in London’s Clerkenwell, we looked at the ways in which organizati