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Peter Maier

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Peter Maier is general manager of Energy and Natural Resources Industries at SAP. He is responsible for the integrated management of the SAP business with chemicals, oil & gas, mill products, mining, and utilities companies - spanning development, solution management, sales and marketing, value engineering, partner management, services and support. Maier is also driving the Digital Industry program.

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Paints And Coatings Industry Fights Back Against Commoditization

13-Dec-2016 | Peter Maier

The chemicals industry is one of the oldest business sectors, and game-changing scientific breakthroughs, such as rubber and polyethylene, are rare. In today’s dynamic and global economy, chemical p

Business In The Digital Energy Network

21-Mar-2016 | Peter Maier

Many organizations live in a state of digital awareness — but only a few have already transitioned to coherent execution of a digital transformation roadmap that is based on digitally reimagined bus