Penny Delgadillo Valencia

Penny Delgadillo Valencia

About Penny Delgadillo Valencia

Penny Delgadillo Valencia is the Senior Vice President of Global Audience and and Strategic Partner Marketing at SAP. She is responsible for the organization’s transformation into a world-class global audience marketing function, and oversee teams responsible for end-to-end engagement with line-of-business, industry and technology buying audiences, including thought leadership, campaigns and programs, services and support, and influencer relations.

Plan Like An Enterprise, Scale Like A Startup: The Tech Dichotomy Of Small And Midsize Businesses

28-Mar-2017 | Penny Delgadillo Valencia

Part 4 of the “Road to Digital Transformation” series  Small and midsize businesses are walking a thin line when they consider adding new technology to their digital arsenal. Being fast and ag

Want Success In The Digital Economy? Turn Your Small Business Into A Live Business

7-Jun-2016 | Penny Delgadillo Valencia

Part 1 of “The Road to Live Business” series We all engage in increasingly digital lifestyles. As we tap, swipe, and click our way through life, we are making decisions in real time. There’s