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As Business Punk in the Chemical Industry at SAP, Pedro Ahlers challenges the mainstream and goes unorthodox ways to always understand the why before answering to the how. Driven by trends and the big challenges in the industry, he helps chemical companies understand and apply the values of a digital transformation beyond products, features, and functions to increase business growth, customer loyalty, and satisfaction. He is obsessed with customers and human-centric change management to empower organizations and to boost user adoption. With 12 years of experience at BASF, the world’s biggest chemical company, Pedro brings together business and technology know-how.

Personalization Is No Longer An Option But A Necessity For The Chemicals Industry

20-May-2020 | Pedro Ahlers

It's no secret that B2B buyers are getting younger. And while chemical companies are investing plenty of time and resources to understand what they’ll need to do to attract the younger generation, d

Marketplaces In The Chemical Industry, Just Hype Or The New Battlefield?

21-Apr-2020 | Pedro Ahlers

Consumer digital marketplaces are very appealing; we can find anything we want there, with no limitations by brand, competition, or portfolio. Previous buyers' reviews, personalization, and targeted a

The Never-Ending Story Of Customer-Centricity

17-Mar-2020 | Pedro Ahlers

From time to time, a topic is pitched as the next "big thing" and we struggle to figure it out. And as soon as we think we understand it, another topic emerges and leads every discussion, but leaves p

Wesley – Your Everyday Missed Opportunity

17-Feb-2020 | Pedro Ahlers

Today, I want to take you on a journey. Imagine you work for a chemical company that produces products in large quantities. The things that matter the most to you are quality, producing at full cap

The Field Of Gold: Why It Is Time To Rethink Your Customer Service

20-Jan-2020 | Pedro Ahlers

I participate in a lot of big discussions where executives generate plenty of ideas about how to use digital means to improve processes, reduce complexity, get more transparency, tackle the challenges

The 20-Year-Old Web Shop: Standard Solution, Please

4-Dec-2019 | Pedro Ahlers

In the early 2000s, many chemical companies started launching webshops, digital sales platforms for B2B buyers. Decisions were easily made from the top-down and because plenty of companies were alread

From Find And Fix To Predict And Prevent

17-Oct-2019 | Pedro Ahlers

Challenges and opportunities go hand-in-hand in the chemical industry these days. Technology is providing new capabilities, while customer, industry, legal, and market expectations are increasing at t

Infinite Skills Create Miracles

11-Sep-2019 | Pedro Ahlers

Many chemical companies are trying to cope with growing B2B customer demand. Some are responding by running trial-and-error approaches; others are applying a more conservative, academic method; and st

OMG! Another Customer-Centricity Project?!

7-Aug-2019 | Pedro Ahlers

Customer relationships in the chemical industry are usually long-lasting; you don't see customers come and go, as you might in other sectors. They're also built on personal relationships, designed by

Experience Management In The Chemical Industry

8-Jul-2019 | Pedro Ahlers

Having worked for a long time in the chemical industry and dealing every day with its customers, I know how difficult it is to understand the impact of new buzzwords and to find ways to see their bene