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Paul Pinard

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Paul Pinard is a Digital Marketer at SAP Conversational AI. With strong interests in digital, technologies and innovation, his daily goal is to improve the digital footprint of SAP Conversational AI contents, products and events in order to establish SAP's leadership as a chatbot platform around the world.

Getting A Bot That Really Works: Best Corporate Architectures For Conversational Interfaces

18-Jun-2019 | Paul Pinard

People today expect “instantaneity.” That’s why messaging has become the most popular interface in the world: Billions of messages are sent every hour! But while the public has shifted to this c

Why You Need To Automate Customer Support Now

12-Dec-2018 | Paul Pinard

Up until a few years ago, social media dominated the digital world, creating a new way of sharing content, managing customer support, and chatting around the world. We all got used to it and came to e