Paul Pessutti

Paul Pessutti

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Paul Pessutti is Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality Industry Unit at SAP. Applying over 20 years of experience in this area, Paul is responsible for establishing and maintaining key customer relationships, ensuring customer success, enhancing the solution portfolio, growing the partner ecosystem, and acting as the brand ambassador worldwide. The industry consists of nine industry segments including airlines, airports, passenger transport, hospitality, travel service providers, freight forwarding and third parties, rail cargo, liner shipping, and trucking.

Transportation Industry: ‘Ripe For Change’

18-Apr-2018 | Paul Pessutti

A recent S.M.A.C. Talk Technology Podcast looks at the urgencies facing the commercial transportation industry. Hosted by Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman, the 12-minute audio interviews expert Paul Pess

Is The Transportation Industry Ready To Digitally Transform?

5-Jan-2018 | Paul Pessutti

One could argue that the transportation industry has been using digital technology for some time. For nearly 20 years, railroads have been tracking railcars using automatic equipment identification (A