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Paul Lewis is the chief technology officer in Hitachi Vantara for the Americas, responsible for the leading technology trend mastery and evangelism, client executive advocacy, and external delivery of the Hitachi vision and strategy especially related to digital transformation and social innovation. Additionally, Paul contributes to field enablement of data intelligence and analytics; interprets and translates complex technology trends including cloud, mobility, governance, and information management; and represents the Americas region in the Global Technology Office, the Hitachi LTD R&D division. In his role of trusted advisor to the CIO community, Paul’s explicit goal is to ensure that clients’ problems are solved and opportunities realized. Paul can be found at his blog, on Twitter, and on LinkedIn.

Insights CIOs “Should” Have In 2018 – Part 2

6-Feb-2018 | Paul Lewis

Part 2 in a 2-part series. Read Part 1. In the first blog in this series, I explained how I’m elaborating on the insights for CIOs in 2018 that I offered for the annual “predictions” blog in

Insights CIOs “Should” Have In 2018 – Part 1

30-Jan-2018 | Paul Lewis

Part 1 in a 2-part series. Read Part 2. Recently, the CIO Knowledge editorial team at the Digitalist Magazine asked me to provide insights for the annual “predictions” blog for 2018. Upon consi

Gold bullion, illustration

Understanding Data: Gold Nuggets And Puzzle Pieces

19-Apr-2017 | Paul Lewis

I regularly use the colloquial phrase “nuggets of gold in a huge pot” when describing the value obtained from understanding and analyzing data. It seems like an easy win. The phrase is well-kno

Enterprise Information Management: The Foundational Core Of Digital Transformation Success

20-Mar-2017 | Paul Lewis

The definition and implementation of digital transformation has become so muddled that no two organizations are focusing on the same strategies and initiatives. Many companies choose to engage in e-co

Digital Transformation: Disrupting With Diversified Business Models

10-Jan-2017 | Paul Lewis

As a previous CFO I work with used to say frequently, “It’s all about cash flow.” Good ideas and good businesses are about making money and spending just enough to grow that money incrementally