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Paul Kurchina is a community builder and evangelist with the Americas’ SAP Users Group (ASUG), responsible for developing a change management program for ASUG members.

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Why The Little Things Do Count In Change Management

12-Dec-2019 | Paul Kurchina

Business transformation is often associated with big, bold changes that can redefine the company, industry, and if you're lucky, the entire marketplace. People come up with all sorts of new products,

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The Truth About Change Management – And Other Lessons From An Energy Giant

31-Oct-2019 | Paul Kurchina

Change is a pervasive fact of life in every aspect of our external world, internal spaces, and workplaces. Most of us have learned how to deal with it, even to the point of appreciation. But on occasi

Team discusses changes in oil and gas business processes

Change: Why It’s Harder And What You Should Do Differently

30-Oct-2019 | Paul Kurchina

Change, especially when driven by technology, rarely discriminates. The democratic nature of digital innovation is transforming some of the best practices of one industry, like oil and gas, to closely

Team discusses experience management of oil and gas business

Intelligent Technology And Experience Converge In A “New” Era Of Continuous Change

29-Oct-2019 | Paul Kurchina

Year after year, we all say that change is the new normal. But, let's face it, we never thought it could be this fast, this deep, and this transformational as it is right now. Businesses have re

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The Secret Life Of Leaders With A Relentless Focus On Value Creation

28-Oct-2019 | Paul Kurchina

Virtually every book, blog, or magazine article on leadership is full of vague, abstract concepts. Terms like “technical debt,” “agility,” “partner shipping,” and “all-in culture” can

HR team works with an organizational manager to enhance the human experience of employees

From HCM To HXM: Why Experience Is The Key To Successful HR Strategies

14-Oct-2019 | Paul Kurchina

HR organizations have a front-row seat to one of the most significant forces shaping the global economy: a renewed focus on experience. As demonstrated in a statement signed by nearly 200 CEOs from to

Engineer monitors oil drilling site

The Digital Paradox Of Change In The Oil And Gas Industry

6-Aug-2019 | Paul Kurchina

Most industries measure digital transformation by accelerated, highly visible outcomes – from new business models and efficient processes to experiences that wow customers and employees alike. But n

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How Intelligent Enterprises Bridge The Gap Between Hype And Reality

30-Apr-2019 | Paul Kurchina

Part 3 of the three-part series, "Innovating the Intelligent Enterprise" The buzzworthy promises of all things automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics are no

chatbot, AI, artificial interface, human-machine interface, automation

How Conversation Is Shifting The Paradigm For Intelligent Businesses

25-Apr-2019 | Paul Kurchina

Part 2 of the three-part series, "Innovating the Intelligent Enterprise" Conversational user interfaces (UIs) are steadily becoming an integrated part of everyday life. From Siri on iOS and MacOS a

automation, machine learning, employee engagement, AI, analytics

The Debate On Workplace Automation Ignores Humankind’s Greatest Opportunity

23-Apr-2019 | Paul Kurchina

Part 1 of the three-part series, "Innovating the Intelligent Enterprise" As the debate over the impact of artificial intelligence technology in the workplace rages on, people often plead their case