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Paul Gallagher

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Paul Gallagher is Partner Service Advisor at SAP. Outside of work Paul is a portrait painter, writer and has a great passion for conservation, volunteering for Birdwatch Ireland. Paul regularly blogs on his LinkedIn .

Creating Content Is Easier Said Than Done

18-Apr-2019 | Paul Gallagher

I have heard social media experts on LinkedIn and at work comment on how important it is to write engaging material using blogs and other platforms as a way of promoting your personal brand or busines

How To Leverage Boredom To Boost Your Creativity

13-Mar-2019 | Paul Gallagher

I recently read an article in Wired Magazine that looked at boredom and its relation to creativity. The author referred to two studies that showed how people respond to tasks after enduring extended p

Biting The Hand That Feeds

19-Feb-2019 | Paul Gallagher

It looked legitimate, it had the MasterCard logo, it was the same shape and size of any other bank card. But it also looked too good to be true. A bank that didn’t charge for any online financial tr