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Dr. Patti Fletcher (@pkfletcher) is a seasoned business executive, award-winning marketing influencer, board member, angel investor, author, and presenter. She writes for drpattifletcher.com, Inc., The Guardian, and has contributed to and been featured in Time Magazine, Al-Jazeera, Forbes, Newsweek, Xconomy, The Muse, and many more. Patti advises corporate executives and board members from lean start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, and from small community organizations to large global nonprofits. She is an advocate and a sought-after speaker on the topics of leading large-scale cultural change, transformational leadership, brand building, cultivating high performance teams, women on boards, women in the c-suite, and women in high growth entrepreneurship. As a futurist, Patti is currently working with SAP SuccessFactors to help change how the world thinks about diversity, inclusion, and the role of HR in business.

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Why We Are Not Done With Gender Equity Yet

1-Jun-2018 | Dr. Patti Fletcher

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] While I was on my way to present a keynote about gender equity in the workplace as part of the Press for Progress event at the 2018 IBM Think conference,

Achieving Gender Equity In The Mobile Industry

14-Feb-2017 | Dr. Patti Fletcher

As I prepare to talk about transforming equity in the workplace at next month’s Women4Tech Summit at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, I am struck by the importance of words. Words result in actio

The Mentor: “I Thought I Would Change Her Life. In Fact, She Changed Mine”

6-Sep-2016 | Dr. Patti Fletcher

Many women dream of leaving their corporate job to live a more meaningful life. Fear of saying goodbye to an enviable salary and disappointing family and friends stops most in their tracks. After year

Is It Time To Reimagine Our Startup Heroes Wearing Dresses?

29-Aug-2016 | Dr. Patti Fletcher

Being a high-growth entrepreneur is not for the faint hearted. Astia, a global nonprofit dedicated to increasing external investment for female-founded high-growth startups, describes the world of hig

7 Soft Skills Needed By Future Innovators

22-Aug-2016 | Dr. Patti Fletcher

Anyone can be a successful entrepreneur, and parenting has a direct influence on a child's capability and eventual workforce longevity. Those are bold statements, considering the high failure rate of

Women Aren’t From Venus And Men Aren’t From Mars…Now What?

9-Aug-2016 | Dr. Patti Fletcher

Despite what many may believe, research shows that there are more similarities than differences between men and women when it comes to motivations in business. So if women and men aren’t so differ

road signs pointing to different directions

8 Ways Unconscious Bias Is Killing Your Business

14-Jul-2016 | Dr. Patti Fletcher

In the most simple of terms, unconscious bias is the prejudice each of us has without even knowing we have it. While this type of bias may seem harmless enough, it may actually be hurting your busines