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Pat Saporito is a senior director, Global Center of Excellence for Analytics and Analytics Strategy Program Leader at SAP.  She helps customers across industries develop a business and value-driven analytics strategy. Pat has 20+ years in data warehousing and analytics. She is an insurance industry analytics expert and author of the book, Applied Insurance Analytics (FT Press/Pearson). She is on advisory board for Stevens Institute of Technology’s Big Data and Analytics Masters Program and a mentor with the Global Insurance Accelerator an incubator for Insure Tech startups.

3 Ways To Drive IT Agility In Service Of Innovation

14-Sep-2017 | Pat Saporito

At your company, how well does your IT organization serve the business? To answer this question, you first need to know what the business wants—and if yours is like most businesses in the digital e

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2017 Top 5 Data And Analytics Predictions

13-Jan-2017 | Pat Saporito

Here are my Top 5 predictions for the new year. Prediction #1: Strategy rules Companies continue to refine and operationalize their digital strategy in support of the overall business strategy. They

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How Disruption Paves The Path To Innovation For Insurers

8-Dec-2016 | Pat Saporito

There’s a phrase currently floating around that’s relevant to all business, but especially to insurers, which are risk-averse by nature: disrupt or be disrupted. We’ve seen other industries r

Enterprise Data And Analytics Strategy: The Whole Is Greater!

20-Sep-2016 | Pat Saporito

Data is exploding; IT teams are wrestling with data management, security, and accessibility; end users are trying to get analytics however they can. Recently some customers have challenged whether

Digital Revolution Mandate: Innovate Or Die

13-Apr-2016 | Pat Saporito

Every industry is inundated by the tsunami of mobile, Big Data, the Internet of Things, and the cloud. To stay relevant, organizations need to interact with and respond to customers, partners, supplie

The Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC) 3.0

8-Apr-2016 | Pat Saporito

Some analyst firms have been touting the death of the BICC. But even though the Business Intelligence/Analytics Competency or Center of Excellence concept has been around for several years, it  is mo

Analytics: 2015 Review And 2016 Predictions

13-Jan-2016 | Pat Saporito

2015 was a year of many D’s – digital, data lakes, and disruption. Data and analytics continue to be a top initiative for both business and IT executives in 2016. Let’s look back and see how wel