Patrick Willer

About Patrick Willer

Patrick Willer is a Workforce Innovation Consultant at SAP, responsible for helping organisations to maximize the effect of their workforce. In practice this comes down to discussing the clients strategy and evaluate together how technology can help the total workforce to execute the companies strategy.

bimodal HR

This Is How You Drive Innovations With HR

17-Oct-2016 | Patrick Willer

Bimodal people management might be the next stage for your HR department. A new chapter that takes HR on an exciting journey of exploration into uncharted territory of business transformation. A new

virtual reality

Three Months In Virtual Reality, Six Lessons Learned

12-Sep-2016 | Patrick Willer

I can vividly remember my first VR experience. It was 25 years ago! It was the early 1990s. I was a teenager addicted to video games. When I wanted more sensation than my Game Boy could provide, th

From Performance Management To Feedback Culture [VIDEO]

30-Jun-2016 | Patrick Willer

The purpose of a business is to create customers. Sharper performance results in more and happier customers Thus… we aim to optimize performance, hence the business term “performance managem

The Essential Ingredient For Innovation

12-May-2016 | Patrick Willer

Many organizations have a sound strategy, but fail to execute their full potential. Why is that? Because culture eats strategy for breakfast. Easily! Culture is the way “we” do things. The b

The Internet Of Things Will Fundamentally Change HR

14-Apr-2016 | Patrick Willer

Who would have thought that an Internet of Things would be so important for the Human Resources department? And yet here we are: 10 billion devices give us 24x7 access to anybody and anything, changi

The Impact Of HR On Customer Delight

17-Feb-2016 | Patrick Willer

What is the purpose of Human Resource Management? Is it to administrate brains, send them letters, and pay them? Or is it to connect brains, drive innovation, and delight customers? The answer

How To Get Sh*t Done

4-Feb-2016 | Patrick Willer

Got your New Year’s Resolutions set? How about your company targets? Setting them is the easy part — materializing is harder. And yet there is only one critical skill that you need. It’s a sk

Happiness As A Corporate [VIDEO]

16-Dec-2015 | Patrick Willer

I just finished the book Op naar geluk, by Ap Dijksterhuis, in which the author states that we are 50% in charge of your own happiness. Well… if it only was 1%, then it would still be worth sharing

What Is Your Speed Of Change?

30-Nov-2015 | Patrick Willer

Can you change? Of course you can. Everybody changes every day. But how versatile, agile, and quick can you adapt yourself and your organization to stay relevant in today’s society? Organizations

Don’t Give Learned Helplessness A Chance

30-Sep-2015 | Patrick Willer

A paralyzing virus is lurking within many organizations, and it is solely responsible for countless failed transformations. It answers to the name “learned helplessness.” Learned helplessness i