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Patrick Crampton-Thomas

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Patrick Crampton-Thomas is Vice President of Supply Chain Solution Management at SAP, with global responsibility for the response and supply orchestration portfolio, based in the UK. This includes the strategy and go-to-market for existing and new supply chain solutions including integrated business planning solutions, supply chain control tower, and supply chain collaboration.

Design To Operate: Integrated Processes For Better Operations And Maintenance

24-Jul-2019 | Patrick Crampton-Thomas

Part 5 in a 5-part series "Design-to-Operate with the Digital Supply Chain" This blog series looks at the design-to-operate (D2O) product lifecycle, which spans the phases of design, plan, manufact

Asset Operations Companies Turn Digital Twinning Into Digital Winning

22-Aug-2018 | Patrick Crampton-Thomas

This is the fifth blog in our Network of Digital Twins series. Read our previous post to explore what manufacturers can achieve with innovative digital twin technology. Today, many asset operators

Innovation And Collaboration: The Story Of R&D And Digital Twins

3-Aug-2018 | Patrick Crampton-Thomas

Part 2 of the "Network of Digital Twins" series For decades, R&D teams have used computer-aided design (CAD) systems to develop products. A forerunner to digital twins, CAD software enabled R&a

Channeling Nostradamus: Transform Your Supply Chain Enterprise Into A Predictive Business

25-Apr-2018 | Patrick Crampton-Thomas

Part 5 of the "The Digital Supply Chain of One" series Predicting the future isn’t easy – except for one man. The prophet Nostradamus made more than 900 predictions in his lifetime, allegedly f