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Patrice Cappello is the North America Industry Lead, Professional Services, at SAP. She is responsible for creating annual business plan and execution strategy to achieve revenue targets; develop marketing strategy and tactical plan to drive pipeline growth; participate on sales teams as Industry executive advisor; and create relationships with and enable partners to ensure revenue stream through indirect channel.

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Global Business Trends Drive The Need For Digitalization In Law Firms

14-Nov-2016 | Patrice Cappello

The legal field is known for adherence to tradition in style, language, and letter. However, the digital economy keeps extending its reach. Law firms and legal services are already showing technology'

Law Firms And Mobile Technology: Digital Transformation On The Move

24-Oct-2016 | Patrice Cappello

The legal profession has always been intense, with high-dollar, potentially life-changing outcomes on the line. Caseloads keep increasing in volume and complexity for law firms, and accuracy is paramo

How Technology Is Changing Law Firm Billing

11-Oct-2016 | Patrice Cappello

The legal industry is changing to reflect preferences from their clients, including the way law firms manage billing. According to the American Bar Association, modern billing management is necessary

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How Predictive Capabilities And Analytics Are Already Transforming The Legal Services Industry

3-Oct-2016 | Patrice Cappello

To say that the legal services profession is in the throes of digital transformation is an understatement. More data is created now than at any point prior since the invention of the computer. Accordi

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Talent Management For Today’s Law Firm

21-Sep-2016 | Patrice Cappello

Today’s legal environment is competitive. It is no surprise that clients expect every person they interact with in a law firm to be top-notch talent. Additionally, unlike other businesses, a partner

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Above the Law? No. But Digital Transformation Does Move The Legal Industry To The Cloud

7-Sep-2016 | Patrice Cappello

When it comes to digital business, it seems as though every industry is embracing digitization. In the legal industry, there are many questions about how to handle sensitive material without compromis

digital transformation, digital business, digital economy, legal

Digital Transformation And Data Security: A Matter of Law

23-Aug-2016 | Patrice Cappello

When it comes to data security, most people think of hacking or viruses. But law firms have additional concerns. Are spreadsheets being traded? What must appear in billing while maintaining client c