Pam Barrowcliffe

Pam Barrowcliffe

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Pam Barrowcliffe is a marketing director for SAP Data Warehousing at SAP. She has many years of experience working with large and midsize companies as well as OEM, systems integrator, and independent software vendor partners solving challenges around a variety of data problems including; mobile data, multi-temperature data, and enterprise data. Pam works within a larger group at SAP to shape, define, and communicate SAP's digital platform and data warehousing strategies.

data management, business data, trust, analytics

Bridge The Trust Gap In Your Business Data Once And For All

10-Jun-2019 | Pam Barrowcliffe

Despite the emergence of transformative technologies like cloud computing and in-memory processing, the quality of business data – and its reliability in support of daily and long-term business deci