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Olivia Marcey is a product marketing manager at BlackLine, a leading provider of finance and accounting automation solutions. Leveraging her expertise in product management and content strategy, Olivia helps to differentiate the company’s complex, innovative, and valuable product suite.

Artificial Intelligence: What Tasks Can Self-Learning Systems Really Perform For Finance?

15-Jan-2020 | Olivia Marcey

Go to wherever you listen to your podcasts. Type in “artificial intelligence.” Fall down the rabbit hole. There’s a ton of hype around AI – some of it sensationalist, some of it dark, and s

Getting Past The Trust Gap Between CFOs And Their Finance Teams

18-Apr-2019 | Olivia Marcey

There seems to be a divide happening in finance between CFOs and their accounting teams. In a recent survey, 70% of CFOs declared that they ultimately trusted the numbers they were reporting to the