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Nilly Essaides is senior research director, Finance & EPM Advisory Practice at The Hackett Group. Nilly is a thought leader and frequent speaker and meeting facilitator at industry events, the author of multiple in-depth guides on financial planning & analysis topics, as well as monthly articles and numerous blogs. She was formerly director and practice lead of Financial Planning & Analysis at the Association for Financial Professionals, and managing director at the NeuGroup, where she co-led the company’s successful peer group business. Nilly also co-authored a book about knowledge management and how to transfer best practices with the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC).

Finance’s Digital Agenda For 2020

28-Jan-2020 | Nilly Essaides

It looks like finance is about to turn a digital corner. To date, many finance organizations have approached digital transformation with caution and have been challenged by a lack of financial and hum

Study Portends A Mind Shift In How Finance Views Digital Transformation

9-Dec-2019 | Nilly Essaides

Finance has traditionally equated digital transformation with cost reduction. One of the questions our clients most commonly ask us about building their business case is about the ROI of adopting a sm

Finance Transformation Is Everywhere: Digitalization Is The Biggest Reason

12-Nov-2019 | Nilly Essaides

Is actual finance transformation activity as ubiquitous as the discussion around it? According to just-completed research from The Hackett Group, the answer is a resounding yes. In a study of wheth

The Effects Of Digital Transformation On Internal Controls

21-Oct-2019 | Nilly Essaides

In the digital economy, change is rapid and often unexpected. Technological and business-model innovations are disrupting market dynamics, while economic and geopolitical uncertainty injects a whole n

Finance Is “Going Digital” – So How Come IT Spend Is Trending Down?

3-Sep-2019 | Nilly Essaides

Technological advances are essential to the evolution of the finance organization of the future. We talk about increased investment in digital technologies and the preponderance of technology as it re

Leveraging Finance Technology To Boost Enterprise Agility

5-Aug-2019 | Nilly Essaides

The relentless introduction of new technologies and innovative business models has accelerated the velocity of change in the business environment. To survive and thrive, companies must be attuned to s

Sizing The Prize: The Digital Finance Advantage

13-Jun-2019 | Nilly Essaides

Everywhere we look, we see finance experimenting with and deploying smart automation solutions, like intelligent data capture, cognitive computing, and robotic process automation (RPA). Finance execut

Three Steps To Accelerating The Progress Of Finance Digital Transformation

11-Apr-2019 | Nilly Essaides

Finance organizations expect digital transformation will have a significant impact on their performance and ability to support the business. But they have a long way to go to realize the promise of

New Study: Finance Is Set To Gain Digital Transformation Momentum

26-Feb-2019 | Nilly Essaides

“Are we there yet?” That’s the question that is top of mind for architects of finance digital transformation. The answer is "not yet, but we’re getting much closer," according to The Hackett G

Where Does Finance Stand Versus Digital Leaders?

14-Jan-2019 | Nilly Essaides

In 2018, The Hackett Group conducted a Digital Transformation Performance Study to identify digital top performers (leaders) across finance, IT, HR, and procurement. We used a set of relevant metrics