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Nick Quin

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Nick Quin is Regional Manager, Southern Region for SAP New Zealand based in Wellington. Nick has been involved in the transformation of organisations across Asia Pacific for over 25 years, with a passion for leading & developing teams, who are committed to deliver the business outcomes sought by our customers.

How Future Cities Can Engage Citizens

20-Jun-2018 | Nick Quin

Now that 70% of our global population lives in urban areas, we must start using innovation to improve the lives of citizens to ensure our survival. With this in mind, one challenge facing future ci

Why Buenos Aires Leads The World In Lighting

10-May-2018 | Nick Quin

In my final article in this series on the evolution of Buenos Aires as a smart city, let us examine its innovative lighting system. Public lighting is perhaps the most essential aspect of urban pl

How Buenos Aires Can Fix Potholes In Hours

4-May-2018 | Nick Quin

Maintaining a city of three million requires exceptional management. For Buenos Aires, this was once exacerbated by the city’s aging infrastructure. Poor foundations resulted in regular structural f

How Buenos Aires Deploys The Internet Of Things To Prevent Disaster

24-Apr-2018 | Nick Quin

In 2013, a catastrophic flood killed nearly 100 people in Buenos Aires. Citizens spent days wading through waist-high floodwaters. The city spent millions to restore order. Rebuilding the city’s