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Niall Salmon

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Niall Salmon is an ERP consultant for SAP S/4HANA Cloud at SAP. His experience lies in forging long-term partnerships, developing bespoke IT solutions for large corporate entities, and the promotion and understanding of emerging technologies. He has an honors degree in Business Marketing Management. He has operated as a B2B solution consultant for IT and telecoms companies for the last six years.

Why CFOs Must Be Strategists – And How To Become One

13-Jun-2018 | Niall Salmon

In the not-so-distant past, CFOs and accounting professionals were seen as money-crunchers and "numbers people." They handled the finances of an organization, and they were mainly charged with oversee

Jobs Of The Future: The Collaborative Financial Officer

6-Jun-2018 | Niall Salmon

Strength in financial core competencies is no longer enough for CFOs. In the future, the role of the CFO will be a fully collaborative one, with finance just one part of a long list of skills that inc

Four Stages Of Value Creation With Intelligent Cloud ERP

19-Feb-2018 | Niall Salmon

In today's business climate, your company must move faster and adapt to customers' changing expectations with more agility than ever before. That means understanding and staying on top of trends and f

Five Business Opportunities Unlocked By Intelligent Cloud ERP Adoption

29-Jan-2018 | Niall Salmon

Investing in intelligent cloud ERP today can enable organizations to achieve the technology baseline needed to compete against today's fast-changing market pressures. Deloitte's research on enterprise