Nermine Abdulhafiz

Nermine Abdulhafiz

About Nermine Abdulhafiz

Nermine Abdulhafiz drives communications for the machine learning research team at SAP. The team works on bridging the gap between academia and industry through working on solving tough machine learning challenges and developing new approaches with potential applications across various industries, such as finance, procurement, logistics, or travel management. Nermine dedicates her time to spread the word about her team’s research collaborations with academia, as well as the new machine learning trends and methods discovered along the way.

Computer Vision: An Artificial Eye To Blind People

19-Dec-2018 | Nermine Abdulhafiz

Artificial intelligence is not just making our lives easier by automating mundane and tedious tasks, it is also unlocking myriad possibilities to people with disabilities and promising unique ways of