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Neil Krefsky

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Neil Krefsky is a Senior Director of Product Marketing at SAP Finance LoB Solutions. He is responsible for the development and execution of the product marketing strategy for SAP's solutions for the Finance Line of Business including: SAP S/4HANA Finance, Financial Planning and Analysis, Accounting and Financial Close, Treasury and Financial Risk Management, Collaborative Finance Operations, Enterprise Risk and Compliance.

New Role For The CFO: Navigator To The Intelligent Enterprise

15-Nov-2018 | Neil Krefsky

Part of the "Intelligent Finance" series CFOs have traditionally overseen stewardship of financial excellence and sound decision-making. And while those responsibilities are as critical as ever, CF

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How Finance Leaders Are Using Intelligent Technologies To Accelerate Business Performance

1-Oct-2018 | Neil Krefsky

There is no doubt that, to compete in the digital age, every company across every industry must become an intelligent enterprise. This means empowering employees through process automation, anticipati

What Makes A Finance Solution Intelligent?

21-May-2018 | Neil Krefsky

More than any other profession, the role of finance professionals has been defined by what technology will allow them to determine how they can add value and influence across an enterprise. What finan

Benchmarking: A Comparative View Expands CFO Leadership With Purpose And Sustainability

28-Feb-2018 | Neil Krefsky

Evangelizing sound sustainability practices and establishing a culture of purpose have a much more significant effect than turning a company into a responsible global citizen. For CFOs, this approach

When Sustainability Is Really Included In The Business, Finance Shines

29-Jan-2018 | Neil Krefsky

Social responsibility, sustainable development, environmental performance, corporate governance, business accountability, shared value, citizenship, triple bottom line, ESG – whatever you call “su

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The Counterintuitive Secret To Making Finance Leadership Pay Off For Growing Businesses

15-Nov-2017 | Neil Krefsky

Part 1 of the Finance Leadership Pays Off series Growing businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees face a range of challenges on a daily basis. From scaling production and recruiting staff, to fu

Oxford Economics Research: Leading CFOs Have Become Real-Time Guides For The Entire Company

27-Apr-2017 | Neil Krefsky

The interim results from the latest Oxford Economics global survey of CFOs and finance executives are just in. With over 750 already interviewed – and another 750 to be interviewed in the coming wee

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Putting Your CFO Skill Set On Steroids

28-Nov-2016 | Neil Krefsky

In the wake of digital everything, CFOs are going through somewhat of a 4.0 moment of their own. The growing use of automation, digital disruption, and increased business partnering are nudging the pr

Continuous Accounting Means Never Saying “I’ll Have to Get Back to You”

22-Nov-2016 | Neil Krefsky

The best time to prepare for closing the books was yesterday. And the day before that, and the day before that. The mad sprint of painfully condensing all your closing activities into a manic few d

What Chief Finance Transformation Officers Do – And How They Can Do It

25-Oct-2016 | Neil Krefsky

Being in the software industry for over two decades, I’ve certainly heard my fair share of buzzwords (as I’m sure you have as well). Often these buzzwords are used to hype the latest top-of-mind