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Neil McGovern

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Neil McGovern has over 30 years’ experience in the software industry. Neil leads product marketing worldwide for SAP HANA and SAP HANA Cloud Services. Neil has also led product marketing for the Data Warehousing, Mobility, and Financial Services teams for SAP. Prior to SAP, Neil ran marketing for Sybase’s top vertical, Financial Services. Neil was VP Engineering at New Era of Networks, and CTO of Convoy Corporation, where he was a pioneer in the Enterprise Application Integration market. Neil has a degree in Computer Science and an MBA.

Information Management In The Cloud: Where Speed, Inspiration, And Precision Are Everything

3-Jun-2019 | Neil McGovern

Data has great power. In every decision made, it generates evidence-based insights that can dramatically change the trajectory of business success, the condition of people’s lives, and even the impa

Why Your Enterprise Data Strategy Should Be A Hybrid

29-May-2019 | Neil McGovern

Many enterprises are still finessing their data strategies, and more often than not, organizations are comparing data warehouses and data lakes as stand-alone solutions. To that I say, why not do both

2019: A Cinderella Year For Data Management At Growing Companies?

15-Jan-2019 | Neil McGovern

If any area of a midsize business could use the transformative magic of a fairy godmother in 2019, it’s data management. Increasing digitization of processes, machines, and human interactions is gen

How Data Fuels The Intelligent Enterprise

17-Jul-2018 | Neil McGovern

The tech industry thrives on metaphor. Take, for example, the office metaphor for personal computers, where we clear our desktops, file away documents, look at our mail, and enter meeting rooms. We