Dr. Natalie Lotzmann

Dr. Natalie Lotzmann

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Dr. Natalie Lotzmann is the Chief Medical Officer, responsible for executing on SAP's Health Strategy globally. She is a seasoned thought leader in the field of linking health metrics to talent management and an innovative people strategy.

How To Safeguard A Healthy Corporate Culture Despite VUCA Challenges

4-Apr-2019 | Dr. Natalie Lotzmann

World Health Day, which is scheduled for April 7 this year, puts the topic of health at the center of public debate. This World Health Organization campaign focuses on providing people with universal

Older women walking together outdoors

5 Tips To Get Your Employees Moving – Sustainably

2-Oct-2017 | Dr. Natalie Lotzmann

Average adults spend more than half of their day sitting. Such a sedentary lifestyle can lead to potentially severe health consequences. A simple preventive solution is to get moving! In the business

Increase Your Company Value By Simply Caring For Your People

14-Mar-2016 | Dr. Natalie Lotzmann

Executives are becoming more aware of the impact that the physical and mental health of employees, as well as the health of their organizations, has on their companies’ value. In fact, researcher Dr

7 Practices for Balancing Year-End Stress – and Beyond

16-Dec-2015 | Dr. Natalie Lotzmann

People may try to downplay it, but in truth, there is no avoiding stress. It is an undeniable part of everyone’s life – and it’s particularly evident as the year comes to a close and the holiday

Organizational Health: Measuring The Impact Of Employee Value

3-Nov-2015 | Dr. Natalie Lotzmann

In today’s global digital economy, business is more competitive than ever and employees are considered an organization’s most valuable asset. The care and nurturing of these assets is not somethin

Add A Dose Of Caring To Your Employee Health Management Programs

17-Sep-2015 | Dr. Natalie Lotzmann

The pressure to accomplish more in today’s constantly changing environment is causing more stress than ever for employees. Not only does this create challenges to their health and the balance betwee