Mukesh Gupta

About Mukesh Gupta

Mukesh has more than 2 decades of experience in starting and growing organisations. He has written three books including “Thrive” & “Your Startup Mentor” and has an upcoming book on B2B Selling. In his role as Director - Customer Advocacy, he works closely with the SAP User groups in India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand and actively represents them within SAP and brings the united face of SAP to the user groups. He has an active blog called “Musings of a Salesman” and hosts the popular podcast “Pushing Beyond the Obvious”.

Opportunity To Reimagine The IT And ITES Industry

21-May-2020 | Mukesh Gupta

As the current crisis has unfolded, almost all the countries that have been severely affected saw their governments announce multi-billion dollar relief packages. However, most of these funds are dire

How To Define And Use Metrics Effectively

14-May-2020 | Mukesh Gupta

We live in a world that – more than ever – is filled with data. Collecting data of all kinds has become fashionable, and this has led to the proliferation of key performance indicators (KPIs). We

How To Come Out Stronger And Ready To Thrive After A Major Disruption

6-May-2020 | Mukesh Gupta

We are seeing a lot of signals of tectonic shifts in the economy and the ripples that they will cause. We have a record number of publicly listed companies in the United States deciding to not give

Strategies For Navigating An Economic Slowdown

29-Apr-2020 | Mukesh Gupta

We are all living in a once-in-a-lifetime situation. Entire countries and even continents are forced to stay at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Countries are looking forward to gradually opening up

The 10 Rules Of Digital Transformation

4-Mar-2020 | Mukesh Gupta

In my work at SAP, I support a community of SAP customers in India – INDUS. One of the initiatives of this community is a micro-community of people who are working in their respective organizations

Starting A Digital Transformation Project

30-Jan-2020 | Mukesh Gupta

It seems like no day goes by without me hearing the word "transformation" tossed around, usually with the prefix "digital." At a deep level, I think everyone knows and understands that transformation

Leadership And The Importance Of Being Fully Present In The Moment

21-Jan-2020 | Mukesh Gupta

Earlier today, I came across a blog post on The School of Life blog post about the difficulty of being in the present. And lately, I’ve been having a conversation with my wife and son recently about

How To Choose The Best Idea After A Good Brainstorming Session

9-Jan-2020 | Mukesh Gupta

Everyone has situations where you have to come up with a set of ideas that will solve a specific problem. The question becomes how to decide which ideas to pick from all the ones you come up with.

Defining And Executing The Strategy To Become An Intelligent Enterprise

17-Apr-2019 | Mukesh Gupta

All organizations have a strategy they want like to execute on but – for some reason – are unable to do so. This means they can't live up to their potential and deliver their promises to their sta

Why Startups Fail

14-Mar-2019 | Mukesh Gupta

There has been enough written about startups and the reasons why almost all of them fail. So, why write another post about this? Even though there is no dearth of resources (blogs, videos, books, stor