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Mukesh Gupta previously held the role of Executive Liaison for the SAP User group in India. He worked as the bridge between the User group and SAP (Development, Consulting, Sales and product management).

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Lessons From A Wise Old Man And The Boys Who Loved To Drum

17-Dec-2018 | Mukesh Gupta

I would like to tell you a short story. There was once a wise old man who, after retiring from his work, decided to buy a house in his old village to live out his life in a peaceful setting. All wa

5 C’s Of Effective Performance Dialogue

29-Nov-2018 | Mukesh Gupta

Organizations large and small are replacing annual reviews with ongoing performance dialogue. Irrespective of your organization's performance review cycle, it’s a good idea to foster an ongoing dial

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Four Pathways To Innovation

23-Nov-2018 | Mukesh Gupta

I was facilitating a group of senior leaders who were tasked with leading the innovation effort in their organization. I started with a simple yet profound question: “How do you define innovation?

Six Steps To Building An Agile Business

17-Aug-2018 | Mukesh Gupta

Predictions regarding the future of work abound, and everyone has their own view of how the future will unfold. But most people agree that it is critical for businesses to be much more agile. What

CIO and CTO talk about embracing new roles

Can CIOs or CTOs Accept the New Role of Innovation or Transformation Agent?

26-Aug-2013 | Mukesh Gupta

Recently, Dan Burrus wrote a couple of blog post for Harvard Business Review, where he expects that CIOs and CTOs to embrace new roles within their organizations. He expects and the CIOs should embrac