Mohammed Ajouz

Mohammed Ajouz

About Mohammed Ajouz

Mohammed Ajouz is Senior Vice President and Global Head of Product Support for the SAP Digital Business Services organization at SAP. With more than 30 years of expertise leading enterprise support organizations, he is leading the way in a transformational era of change and growth to deliver Next-Generation Support for the digital enterprise with an award-winning support experience that delights customers. As a progressive thought-leader, Mohammed has an accomplishment record of providing effective multifaceted, innovative support to global enterprise customers. His background includes leadership of various enterprise support organizations at Oracle, as well as the successful transformation of support from on premise to cloud at Skillsoft where he led customer support and cloud operations organizations.

customer experience, customer engagement, support, predictive support, preventative support

The Next Generation Of Support: Think Evolution, Not Just A New Experience

1-May-2019 | Mohammed Ajouz

“Next generation.” What comes to your mind when you hear this phrase? An entirely new spin on an existing product? Or just a bunch of improvements packed into a new release? When it comes to te