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Mike Willmott

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Mike Willmott is Account Director for Public Sector Services at SAP. While technology pace in the last 20 years has rarely slowed, the public sector cannot take on the same level of appetite for disruptive change at the risk of failure that private sector can. However, the pressure to deliver efficiencies in cost and adapt to delivering services to a fast-changing world presents Mike’s team with the opportunity to make a real impact in the delivery of public services led by a new wave technology investment from SAP and our partner network. Our vision and empathy towards the challenges in delivering public services remind us that nothing is ever perfect, but that doing nothing is not an option.

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Ministry Of Defense: Bridging The Gap In The Equipment Strategy

27-Sep-2018 | Mike Willmott

Back in 2013, it was estimated that almost half of the United Kingdom's armed forces’ military equipment would be left behind in Afghanistan simply due to the costs and logistics involved in returni