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Mike Lackey

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Mike Lackey is VP of Solution Management at SAP.

Design To Operate: Manufacturing For Empowered Customers

15-Jul-2019 | Mike Lackey

Part 3 in a 5-part series on Design-to-Operate with the Digital Supply Chain In this blog series, we’re looking at the design-to-operate (D2O) product lifecycle, which spans the phases of design,

Industry 4.0 And The Digital Supply Chain

4-Apr-2019 | Mike Lackey

Part 1 of a 4-part series Industry 4.0 is often equated with the idea of the smart factory. Manufacturers, it is said, can use intelligent technologies to automate and optimize the shop floor – t

How The Intelligent Enterprise Drives Digital Manufacturing

3-Dec-2018 | Mike Lackey

Part 4 in the series “Digital Manufacturing" Today’s manufacturers have an intelligence issue. They lack the real-time data they need to efficiently manage global operations, costs, materials,