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Mike Lackey is VP of Solution Management at SAP.

Design To Operate: Manufacturing For Empowered Customers

15-Jul-2019 | Mike Lackey

Part 3 in a 5-part series on Design-to-Operate with the Digital Supply Chain In this blog series, we’re looking at the design-to-operate (D2O) product lifecycle, which spans the phases of design,

industry 4.0, digital supply chain, manufacturing, asset management, logistics

Industry 4.0 And The Digital Supply Chain

4-Apr-2019 | Mike Lackey

Part 1 of a 4-part series Industry 4.0 is often equated with the idea of the smart factory. Manufacturers, it is said, can use intelligent technologies to automate and optimize the shop floor – t

Intelligent enterprise, supply chain

How The Intelligent Enterprise Drives Digital Manufacturing

3-Dec-2018 | Mike Lackey

Part 4 in the series “Digital Manufacturing" Today’s manufacturers have an intelligence issue. They lack the real-time data they need to efficiently manage global operations, costs, materials,

Why Manufacturers Require 5 Degrees Of Connectedness

24-Mar-2016 | Mike Lackey

Analysts tell us the Internet of Things (IoT) will result in 34 billion connected devices by 2020, up from 10 billion today. That level of connectivity promises to transform a lot of business processe