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Mike Ettling

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Mike Ettling is the President of SAP SuccessFactors. He is an inspirational, visionary and highly dynamic leader with a wealth of leadership expertise, genuine business acumen, and an exemplary record driving multi-million dollar sales, marketing initiatives and transformation in a global context.

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Are Your Employees All-In? Gallup Says No, Maybe You’re To Blame

20-Dec-2016 | Mike Ettling

I’m incredibly passionate about how we create “all-in” employees and HR’s role in doing that. Why am I so passionate? Because I believe "all-in" people do what it takes to win. It’s that si

Is Your Company Ready To Take On Digital Transformation?

19-Oct-2016 | Mike Ettling

One reason many executives, myself included, embrace leadership today is because of the changes to the workplace and the workforce brought on by digitalization and the need for business to rapidly tra

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Robots, AI, And Intelligent Services: Are Humans Already Obsolete?

17-Oct-2016 | Mike Ettling

In the aftermath of the Brexit vote to leave, one of the Tweets that caught my eye was from founder and CEO of analyst firm HfS Research Phil Fersht (@pfersht), which simply said, “at least the Brit

How To Find The Talent You Need To Solve Challenges That Don’t Exist Yet

28-Sep-2015 | Mike Ettling

Although executives, analysts, and experts regularly try to predict where business is headed, the pace of innovation continues to exceed our expectations and imagination – especially when it comes t