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Michelle Schooff

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Michelle Schooff is a global marketing director in the life sciences and wholesale distribution industries for SAP. She is responsible for the marketing strategy, messaging and positioning for SAP solutions in the global marketplace. With over 20 years experience in technology and marketing, Michelle builds strategic marketing plans that drive growth, innovation and revenue.

Next Practices For The Intelligent Enterprise Life Sciences Company

10-Jul-2019 | Michelle Schooff

Data analytics is a winner in the life sciences industry, providing tremendous value. In 2018, several factors are expanding its scope to touch every corner of life sciences companies. Data volumes ar

Create A Digital Mindset With The Triad Of People, Strategy, And Technology In Wholesale Distribution

15-May-2019 | Michelle Schooff

Achieving a groundbreaking digital transformation for wholesale distributors takes more than just technology. After all, who researches the right solutions, plans their best use cases, and integrates

Facing The Most Pressing Critical Priority In Wholesale Distribution Head On

16-Apr-2019 | Michelle Schooff

The customer should be the center of your business. That premise seems simple enough. But often, organizations neglect to treat customers like a critical element to business success. The truth i

Life Sciences Innovations: Trends To Watch In 2018

6-Aug-2018 | Michelle Schooff

Healthcare providers, payers, and producers are urgently exploring ways to innovate, adapt, and collaborate across the digital health sciences network. Their goal is to reduce costs, improve patient s

How To Drive Blockchain Technology Value In Life Sciences

22-Jun-2018 | Michelle Schooff

Blockchain: Everywhere you turn in life sciences digitization, this ledger system is involved. Fully 83% of executives in life sciences expect blockchain integration in healthcare within five years. L

Discovering Life Science’s Bright Future

24-Apr-2018 | Michelle Schooff

What changes are digitization driving in life sciences? In a recent episode of S.M.A.C. Talk Technology Podcast, hosts Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman discussed some of the changes taking place in

What We Will See In Wholesale Distribution’s Growth

24-Apr-2018 | Michelle Schooff

Where is wholesale distribution going? It's a question of concern to many in the industry as disruption changes how business is done. Hosts Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman discussed this topic in a rec

How Can Life Sciences Leverage Augmented Reality?

18-Apr-2018 | Michelle Schooff

When it comes to augmented reality and life sciences, many people think of the 144 billion steps taken by Pokemon Go players, leading to better health. But augmented reality is starting to play a muc