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Michael Laprocido

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Mike Laprocido serves as a Strategic Industry Advisor for SAP. He is responsible for developing thought leadership and driving SAP solution adoption in the chemical and oil and gas industries. With over three decades in various executive roles at BP Oil, BP Chemicals, Kuraray America, Panda Energy and IBM prior to joining SAP, Mike has gained a broad and deep industry knowledge base that he leverages to help his clients to innovate and transform their business through the application of digital technology.

Chemical Business Cycle Resilience Opens Wide Window For Investment

10-Dec-2018 | Michael Laprocido

Over the last several years, there have been fundamental shifts at play that have prolonged the favorable conditions the chemical industry has been enjoying, triggering an unprecedented wave of invest

New Problems Require New Solutions In Chemical Manufacturing

6-Dec-2018 | Michael Laprocido

The US chemical industry is characterized by process-based manufacturing, high capital intensity, and long investment cycles. Over the longer term, capital is deployed for R&D or capacity expansio

Analytics And Big Data: Driving Agility In The Chemical Industry

19-Apr-2018 | Michael Laprocido

How important are concepts like Big Data and analytics to the modern enterprise environment? In a word: Very. One study estimates there are currently six million developers all over the world currentl