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Michael Diehl is a senior director of Global Finance Audience Marketing at SAP, where he lead messaging and customer insights. With 16+ years of experience at SAP, he has a strong track record in technology innovations. His specialties include finance, machine learning, thought leadership, go-to-market strategy, digital marketing, messaging, and positioning.

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Will Artificial Intelligence Trigger A Tsunami Or A Warm Rain Shower For Finance Departments?

25-Jun-2018 | Michael Diehl

Has your controlling manager recently talked to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system? Do you already use robotic process automation (RPA) for risk management – for example, to monitor mone

The Finance Leadership Playbook Part 4: Building A Strong Compliance Foundation To Improve Risk Mitigation

12-Oct-2017 | Michael Diehl

Part 4 of the “The Finance Leadership Playbook” series The role of compliance and risk management operates on a fine line between business partner and watchdog. Advisory, monitoring, assurance,

The Finance Leadership Playbook Part 3: Taking Charge Of Innovation To Deliver High Performance

5-Oct-2017 | Michael Diehl

Part 3 of the “The Finance Leadership Playbook” series  The image of a CFO and an innovator are rarely one in the same. Experimenters, movers and shakers, hangers-on, and risk takers—these a

The Finance Leadership Playbook Part 2: Stepping Up Automation To Drive Efficiency

21-Sep-2017 | Michael Diehl

Part 2 of the The Finance Leadership Playbook series Finance teams are experiencing significant stress across their spectrum of responsibility. Customer expectations, channel proliferation, constan

The Finance Leadership Playbook: Automation, Innovation, And Compliance

7-Sep-2017 | Michael Diehl

Part 1 of the “The Finance Leadership Playbook” series The traditional influence of CFOs is steadily broadening well beyond the bounds of financial responsibility. With the eye of an entreprene

How Klöckner’s Finance Team Is Redefining The Steel Industry

30-Jan-2017 | Michael Diehl

I had an opportunity to meet with Dr. Oliver Falk, CFO of Klöckner Metals Europe, to learn how Klöckner’s finance team is redefining the steel industry. The steel market has experienced its sha

It’s A Volatile, Complex World: Is Your GRC Robust Enough?

30-Nov-2015 | Michael Diehl

In today’s highly challenging business and risk environment – made even more daunting by constant political upheavals, roller-coaster economies, and ever-more-stringent regulatory requirements –

How Cash Managers Can See A Few Seconds Into The Future

5-Nov-2015 | Michael Diehl

What if you could see just a little bit further into the future? Looking ahead – even by just a few seconds before the rest of the world – would give you an enormous advantage in both your life an

Treasury Executives Put Their Colleagues On Notice

20-Oct-2015 | Michael Diehl

Insights from a cash management study by CFO Research and SAP. Six out of ten respondents say that treasury needs to increase its contribution to high-value activities, but in order to do so treasury

Managing Risk In A Tsunami Of Complexity

17-Sep-2015 | Michael Diehl

The uncertain financial times of the past few years have had a major effect on how companies operate these days. Companies that used to operate effortlessly with the help of forecasts and projections