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Michael Coveney

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Michael Coveney spent more than 40 years in the software analytic business with a focus on transforming the planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting processes. He has considerable experience in the design and implementation of business analytic systems with major organizations throughout the world. He is a gifted conference speaker and author. His latest book "Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning In Uncertain Times" is published by J Wiley. His articles have also appeared on www.fpa-trends.com, encouraging innovation in FP&A departments.

Redefining The Role Of FP&A

17-Jan-2019 | Michael Coveney

Part 2 of a 2-part series. Read Part 1. This two-part series explores the changing role of FP&A in today’s dynamic, complex business world, where the future is increasingly unpredictable and

Redefining Organizational Planning And Reporting Processes

10-Jan-2019 | Michael Coveney

Part 1 of a 2-part series This two-part series explores new directions for FP&A in today’s fast-changing, complex business world, where the future is increasingly unpredictable, and technolog

Developing An Intelligent FP&A Solution

20-Dec-2018 | Michael Coveney

Part 8 in the “Understanding IFP&A” series In the concluding blog in this series, let’s go back to basics. In developing a more intelligent approach to FP&A solutions, organizations m

Intelligent FP&A In Action

6-Dec-2018 | Michael Coveney

Part 7 in the “Understanding IFP&A” series It’s a shame that many companies do not put the full capabilities of intelligent FP&A into use. While some do use modern solutions to repla

Replacing Spreadsheets With An Intelligent FP&A Solution

22-Nov-2018 | Michael Coveney

Part 6 in the “Understanding IFP&A” series Despite its age, Excel is still the main tool used by FP&A departments for analyzing and reporting data. Many would argue that this is becaus

Collaborative Enterprise Planning: What’s Next?

21-Nov-2018 | Michael Coveney

Part 10, the conclusion of the 10-part "Collaborative Enterprise Planning" series Collaborative enterprise planning systems and techniques are being continually enhanced, based on “real-world”

Evaluating Collaborative Enterprise Planning Solutions

14-Nov-2018 | Michael Coveney

Part 9 in the 10-part "Collaborative Enterprise Planning" series There are many planning systems available today, each promoting the need for collaboration. However, it’s easy to be misled by a s

In Search Of “Intelligent Drivers” In FP&A

8-Nov-2018 | Michael Coveney

Part 5 in the “Understanding IFP&A” series Consider a golfer about to play the final hole of the championship round. As she lines up her drive, she takes into account the route she must ta

Collaborative Enterprise Planning: Automating The Management Process

7-Nov-2018 | Michael Coveney

Part 8 in the 10-part Collaborative Enterprise Planning series Management processes are the mechanism by which organizations set goals, develop operational plans, allocate budgets, collect forecast

Collaborative Enterprise Planning: The Importance Of Scenarios

31-Oct-2018 | Michael Coveney

Part 7 in the 10-part Collaborative Enterprise Planning series It has been said that the budget is the one scenario guaranteed not to work. The business world is far too complex to have a definitive