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Merlin Knott

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Merlin Knott is Senior Vice President of Sales, focusing on SAP Leonardo and analytics solutions in the Northern European region, at SAP. Under his leadership, the team strives to efficiently support our customers’ rapidly evolving business needs, supporting digital transformation through analytics and insight. With strong commercial and business acumen and personal ownership of any challenges to successful outcomes, Merlin actively establishes and maintains deep relationships within strategic customer accounts, while growing an extensive network and deep connections within the SAP ecosystem across centers of excellence, alliances, product development, and sales teams.

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Why We Shouldn’t Be Scared Of Artificial Intelligence Replacing Everyone’s Jobs

5-Feb-2019 | Merlin Knott

A long time ago, Mark Twain wrote a note to a friend in which he apologized for not having time to write a shorter letter. In other words, Twain wished he’d had more time to think deeply and craft h