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Melissa Burns is an entrepreneur and independent journalist. She spends her time writing articles, overviews, and analyses about entrepreneurship, startups, business innovations, and technology. Follow her at @melissaaburns.

Five Digital Transformation Trends In The Education Industry

10-May-2018 | Melissa Burns

Despite its role in preparing young people to move society and technology forward, the education industry has remained ironically resistant to change. Until recently, most educational processes have r

customer experience, banking, personalized banking

How Banking Software Helps To Personalize Customer Experience

9-Jan-2018 | Melissa Burns

Lately, the banking industry has been hyping the personalized customer experience. Still, customers report significant gaps between their needs and banks’ ability to build a personal relationship wi

Six New Tech Trends To Start Pursuing Today

22-Dec-2017 | Melissa Burns

10 years ago, a business could be successful without even having a website. Today that is almost unthinkable. Five years ago, a business could get away with not having a mobile website. Today it's con

Aligning Digital Design And Psychology For A Better Customer Experience

17-Nov-2017 | Melissa Burns

When it comes to design, most websites are based on recognized layout patterns that work, colors that have broad appeal and feature placement that appears logical or familiar to the user. All this com

software development, customer experience, digital strategy

5 Reasons Why Quality Assurance Matters For A Digital Strategy

1-Nov-2017 | Melissa Burns

Quality assurance has always been an important part of running a business – but it became doubly so with the advent of digital technology and, consequently, digital strategy. The thing is, when some

What’s Driving The Demand For Python Programmers?

14-Aug-2017 | Melissa Burns

According to TIOBE index, Python is currently the fourth most popular programming language in the world. From a CIO’s viewpoint, Python is an extremely promising programming language for a number o

3 Ways The Internet Of Things Will Change Your Workplace In 2017

27-Jul-2017 | Melissa Burns

The Internet of Things is a transformational technology that will change the future of business. In 2008 there were officially more devices connected to the Internet than there were human beings, and

How Digital Nomads Are Reshaping Business

21-Jun-2017 | Melissa Burns

Digital nomads, a category of workers that has grown over the past decade to comprise 37%  of the U.S. workforce, are introducing a brave new way of working. According to a World Economic Forum for