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Megan Ray Nichols is a freelance science writer and the editor of "Schooled By Science." She enjoys researching the latest advances in technology and writes regularly for Datafloq, Colocation American, and Vision Times. You can follow Megan on Twitter.

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It’s Time To Replace The Aging Roadway Infrastructure

30-May-2017 | Megan Ray Nichols

Rhode Island is one of the smallest states in the U.S., yet more than 56% of its bridges are deficient. Its roads aren’t any better. According to estimates, the state’s neglected roads cost drive

How IoT Is Poised To Change Retail

22-Feb-2017 | Megan Ray Nichols

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been causing quite a stir, and now it seems poised to cause a positive disruption in the world of retail. Here are some specific ways IoT-related technologies may be

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Will Government Regulations On Driverless Cars Benefit The Technology?

26-Dec-2016 | Megan Ray Nichols

Self-driving cars are here, but unless you’ve been living beneath a rock for the last 24 months, you knew that. The thing is, they’re not on the road. Yes, a few corporations have run tests and pr