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Meaghan Sullivan

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Meaghan Sullivan is the Head of General Business and Global Partner Marketing at SAP. In this role, she is tasked with accelerating awareness and consideration in the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) segment for SAP as well as global partner revenue through channel marketing and commercial sales practices. Sullivan focuses on Demand Generation activities to provide SAP partners with innovative programs, campaigns and resources that enable them to more efficiently market their SAP solutions and services.

An Open Letter to SAP Customers: Let’s Navigate Disruption Today And Plan For Tomorrow – Together

13-Apr-2020 | Meaghan Sullivan

Part of the  “Navigating Disruption Today, Planning for Tomorrow” series Whenever there is a crisis or something bad happens, I do three things. First, I try to comprehend the magnitude of

Three Predictions For Midsize Companies In 2020

22-Jan-2020 | Meaghan Sullivan

At the start of every New Year, most people love to do two things: write resolutions (that are usually broken in the first two weeks) and make predictions on everything from sports to politics to busi

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The Power Of Attitude In Growing Midsize Businesses

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Machine Learning: Where Thinking Big Doesn’t Mean Being Big

15-Oct-2018 | Meaghan Sullivan

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning – these emerging technologies are making headlines with publicity stunts and preliminary breakthroughs for industry giants with deep pock

How Emerging Companies Grow Without Ruining Their Culture

19-Jul-2018 | Meaghan Sullivan

Most small and midsize businesses chase every opportunity to grow. Once they hit their stride towards market dominance, the shared values and purpose that led to their success in the first place often

Growing Businesses Prepare For Act 2 Of Their Digital Evolution

19-Mar-2018 | Meaghan Sullivan

Competing against a slate of long-established brands and disruptive startups is a stressful and exhaustive reality for many small and midsize businesses. They are not only up against rivals with exten