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Meaghan Sullivan

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Meaghan Sullivan is the head of Global Partner Marketing and General Business. In this role, she is tasked with accelerating awareness and consideration in the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) segment for SAP as well as global partner revenue through channel marketing and commercial sales practices. Sullivan focuses on Demand Generation activities to provide SAP partners with innovative programs, campaigns and resources that enable them to more efficiently market their SAP solutions and services.

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The Power Of Attitude In Growing Midsize Businesses

29-Jan-2019 | Meaghan Sullivan

Part 1 of the “6 Attitudes of Best-Run Midsize Businesses” series Every leader has a unique perspective when it comes to the secret to business success in today’s highly digitalized marketpla

machine learning, small business, digital transformation, analytics

Machine Learning: Where Thinking Big Doesn’t Mean Being Big

15-Oct-2018 | Meaghan Sullivan

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning – these emerging technologies are making headlines with publicity stunts and preliminary breakthroughs for industry giants with deep pock

How Emerging Companies Grow Without Ruining Their Culture

19-Jul-2018 | Meaghan Sullivan

Most small and midsize businesses chase every opportunity to grow. Once they hit their stride towards market dominance, the shared values and purpose that led to their success in the first place often

Growing Businesses Prepare For Act 2 Of Their Digital Evolution

19-Mar-2018 | Meaghan Sullivan

Competing against a slate of long-established brands and disruptive startups is a stressful and exhaustive reality for many small and midsize businesses. They are not only up against rivals with exten

Support Services: The Key To Furthering And Speeding Firms’ Digital Strategies

22-Jun-2017 | Meaghan Sullivan

Part 12 of the “Road to Digital Transformation” series   The rising digital world order couldn’t come at a better time for small and midsize companies. Indiscriminate in impact and generou

Digital Transformation Brings Practicality And A Trusted Foundation To Small And Midsize Businesses

2-May-2017 | Meaghan Sullivan

Part 9 of the “Road to Digital Transformation” series  Anyone who knows me understands my passion for good stories, especially those of small and midsize businesses. The twists and turns of r

Sharing Small And Midsize Best Practices: 30 Customers In 30 Days

18-Oct-2016 | Meaghan Sullivan

I oversee the marketing programs for small and midsize businesses, which are implementing the technology they need to grow their businesses. Some are moving away from managing their businesses with sp

Networking And The Art Of The Game

26-Sep-2016 | Meaghan Sullivan

Last week I had the opportunity to have breakfast with a venture capitalist here in Silicon Valley. A mutual colleague encouraged the meeting, suggesting that a connection could be beneficial for both

How Small And Midsize Businesses Run Live – Better Than Their Bigger Competitors

21-Jun-2016 | Meaghan Sullivan

Part 3 of “The Road to Live Business” series Most companies view access to relevant data as an essential part of running a business. However, increasing demands for real-time decision making an

Region-by-Region Comparison: Are Small And Midsize Businesses Ready For Digital Transformation?

19-Apr-2016 | Meaghan Sullivan

Part 5 of the “Thriving in the Digital Economy” series Truly, 2016 is proving to be a year of extraordinary change and revolution. Every corner of the world is experiencing a historic shift in