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Matt Smith

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Matt Smith is associate vice president at Cognizant and Conversational AI Practice leader, where he leads a team dedicated to helping companies understand, prepare for, and benefit from a new class of technologies. Before Cognizant, Matt was a practicing entrepreneur, first launching a company providing sales and marketing programs for IT firms, and later a firm delivering robotic process automation services for outsourcers. Earlier roles were as sales VP, client management, and alliance sales with BancTec (SourceHOV), CompuCom, TRW, and NYNEX. Matt holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Stetson University, where he majored in marketing. He can be reached at, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Matt’s Site and Blog.

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Five Strategies To Catalyze Conversational AI

4-Mar-2019 | Matt Smith

For many people, the general idea of artificial intelligence still conveys a dark, robot-master future. Yet simply add the word “conversational” in front of it, and suddenly it’s a whole lot fri