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Matt Laukaitis is Senior Vice President and General Manager of SAP Retail. He is responsible for the division’s strategy, business operations, and sales performance throughout the region.

With or Without You

5-Dec-2018 | Matt Laukaitis

Customers have a new way to experience your company that doesn’t involve you. Will you market to their AI surrogates? [drop-letter]A new kind of buyer is about to upend your carefully planned cus

Making The Case For Blockchain In Retail

30-Jul-2018 | Matt Laukaitis

Blockchain continues to be a topic in boardrooms as brand leaders explore new ways to unleash the power of technology to drive authentic conversations with their consumers. This isn’t surprising, as

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Technology Is Rewriting The Rules Of Retail

1-May-2018 | Matt Laukaitis

Retail today continues to change at lightning speed, and technology is helping leaders rewrite all the rules. Taking into account shifting consumer expectations and an unrelenting flood of data, a sin

retail, omnichannel, digital strategy, leadership, digital transformation

Overcoming The Execution Gap In Retail’s New Normal

27-Mar-2018 | Matt Laukaitis

Retailers are currently facing an unprecedented renaissance, with winners and losers being redefined on a near-daily basis. In the last year, we have seen: HelloFresh, Blue Apron, and Gousto stri

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Something Good Is Just About To Happen In Retail

19-Oct-2016 | Matt Laukaitis

Football and fashion. These two things generally don’t mix. But as an avid sports fan and retail executive, I often have football and fashion top of mind. In the Seattle area, where I currentl