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Matthias Heiden

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Dr. Matthias Heiden, senior vice president, regional CFO, Middle and Eastern Europe (MEE), is responsible for the field finance organization of MEE. In this role, he supports the organization in managing P&L, continuously driving strategic finance transformation initiatives initiated by Corporate Finance together with the other regional CFOs. This team helps improve business-related processes and supports the Market Unit CFOs in their role as business facilitator and transformation agent.

What Does Blockchain Mean To The CFO?

What Does Blockchain Mean To The CFO?

29-Nov-2016 | Matthias Heiden

In my previous blogs, I’ve stated that CFOs need to play a strong, active role as an independent challenger for the business while assessing risks – balancing risk and opportunity for the business

Wrestling With IFRS 15

22-Sep-2016 | Matthias Heiden

In my last blog, I reflected on the CFO’s role with world changes, which offers the perfect transition to a change that will impact businesses big and small: the updated revenue recognition accounti

How CFOs Can Shape The World

9-Aug-2016 | Matthias Heiden

I was reflecting on all of the changes taking place in the world – Brexit, the U.S. election, countries in the European Union becoming increasingly nationalistic – and trying to put it into contex

Are We Preparing Today’s Students For Digitalization In Their Finance Careers?

28-Jun-2016 | Matthias Heiden

One of the fascinating aspects about digitalization is thinking about the future, visualizing the opportunities that weren’t previously within reach. It’s no secret in business or athletics that h

Report From The Front Lines: What CFOs Are Achieving As Business Strategists

23-May-2016 | Matthias Heiden

I spoke recently at a couple of CFO events in Germany and presented basically the same ideas I described in my last blog, Digitalization: Building Blocks for the CFO. Speaking with others at the event

Digitalization: Building Blocks For The CFO

20-Apr-2016 | Matthias Heiden

I wrote about digitalization in a previous blog, and of course it’s the topic du jour. I am often asked by finance colleagues and customers alike about the impact of a digital economy on the finance

The Speed Of Now Has Never Been Faster – And People Skills Never More Essential

23-Feb-2016 | Matthias Heiden

The new year always hits me like a hammer. Even though the rhythm is always the same, the pace of each year seems faster than ever. The business doesn't care too much about the year-end processes o

Driving The Digitalization Discussion With Customers: CFOs Can Lead

14-Jan-2016 | Matthias Heiden

An important aspect of my role as a CFO is spending time with customers. It’s not a common view that a CFO would step beyond the comfort of his or her desk to rub elbows with customers, yet there’

The CFO’s Capital: Trust And integrity

1-Dec-2015 | Matthias Heiden

As CFOs, we need to accept challenges from the business to review compliance mechanisms – not to avoid laws and regulations, but to ensure that our systems are effective and efficient. Where we chal

Sound Planning And Independent Thinking: Keys To Credibility

2-Nov-2015 | Matthias Heiden

Striving high, lofty aspirations – these are essential attributes in business. But they can take on a life of their own when unchecked enthusiasm comes into play. Some cultures are more inclined to