Matthias Grabellus

Matthias Grabellus

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Matthias Grabellus is head of Finance Software Development, a unit within SAP Product Engineering. Finance development innovates the core business of SAP to build the future finance portfolio for our customers. Before taking on this position in September 2016, Matthias was the head of the Finance Accounting Development, where he and his team developed SAP core business innovations such as the Universal Journal. The Universal Journal stands for one of the most important innovations for the SAP finance world in the last decade, influencing financial, management and asset accounting, as well as profitability analysis.

From Handling Situations To Situation Handling

13-Mar-2019 | Matthias Grabellus

The first quarter is nearly gone. As a finance expert, you will soon start preparing the quarter-end close. You may remember an awful situation you faced at year-end: While your family and friends wer

Unleashing The Power Of Intelligent Finance: Exigence Beyond Intelligent Technologies

16-Jan-2019 | Matthias Grabellus

So I’m sitting on a Deutsche Bahn train and, while checking the railway's app on my phone, I see I can check in online. It’s easy, just like checking into a flight using an app. The train staff wo