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Mathew Bailey

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Mathew Bailey works for SAP Australia/New Zealand with a focus on the Financial Services & Insurance (FSI) vertical. He has worked in the FSI sector for almost 15 years, mainly in Retail Banking and Personal Insurance. He has also worked in various roles across Consulting, Sales, Presales and Practice and Program Management in different parts of the world, including four years in Hong Kong, one year in Singapore, as well as short stints in the Philippines, Malaysia, Belgium and the USA.

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How To Make The Most Of IFRS 17

2-Apr-2018 | Mathew Bailey

At the recent Finance, Risk, and Insurance Summit supported by Deloitte, SAP, and FIS, the topic of insurance contracts changes came up. The significant impact on insurance companies in Australia

Financial Services: The New Frontier Of Customer And Digital Experiences

7-Dec-2017 | Mathew Bailey

Australia’s financial service providers have been on the front lines of the digital revolution, building high-quality services and processes that have delivered unprecedented convenience to customer

Is Open Banking The Future Of Banking Platforms?

30-Nov-2017 | Mathew Bailey

The recent World Economic report, "Beyond Fintech: A Pragmatic Assessment of Disruptive Potential in Financial Services," explores open banking platform models and the role of fintechs and global tech

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The Time Is Now For Banks To Own The Digital Customer Experience

27-Nov-2017 | Mathew Bailey

The consumer is leading the charge for change within the financial services industry. Through mobile and social technology, customers are more engaged and educated than ever in the services they inter

Turning Disruption Into An Opportunity To Become A Bank For Life

22-Nov-2017 | Mathew Bailey

The new generation of digital service providers that are experts in innovating emerging platforms and harnessing the consumer relationship and experience are spearheading disruption and evolution for

Capitalizing On Digital In Banking

30-Nov-2016 | Mathew Bailey

Traditional retail banks have an unprecedented opportunity to increase customer loyalty and advocacy, market share, and revenue in the wake of rising competition. However, this opportunity stems fr

How Poor Customer Journeys Can Still Succeed

1-Aug-2016 | Mathew Bailey

“No chance!” you tell me. Normally I would agree with you. And most consumers and customer experience advocates, who feel that a poor customer experience is detrimental to an optimal outcom