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Dr. Martin Kotula

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Dr. Martin Kotula helps customers drive digital transformation across source-to-pay and supply-chain processes. Passionate about digitalization, customer success, new innovations, and technologies, Martin is a known author, publishing several academic and business articles. He has significant experience overseeing cost and efficiency improvement programs, category optimization, organizational restructuring, and operations management. Martin holds a doctorate degree from Aston University, where his thesis focused on risk management in strategic sourcing, and an MBA from Tias Nimbas Universiteit.

Container ship in a lock on the Panama Canal

How Suppliers And Supply Chains Change Consumers’ Buying Behavior

6-Nov-2019 | Dr. Martin Kotula

We are all consumers and we live in a world of global supply chains, global production networks with increasingly complex structures as well as cross-border deliveries. Products are manufactured in ma