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Markus Rosemann

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Markus Rosemann is Global Vice President for Digital Logistics and Order Fulfillment at SAP SE, based in Walldorf, Germany. Markus is responsible for the global solution strategy and go-to-market of SAP’s logistics solutions, an important building block of SAP’s Digital Supply Chain solutions. He works with customers, thought leaders and partners on building solutions for the line of business logistics, covering transportation, warehousing, and the logistics network including track & trace. Markus joined SAP in 1997 and successfully introduced solutions to the market for Supply Chain Execution as well as for Project, Portfolio and Innovation Management.

Design To Operate: Delivering The Goods With Better Logistics

18-Jul-2019 | Markus Rosemann

Part 4 in a 5-part series, "Design-to-Operate with the Digital Supply Chain" In this blog series, we’re looking at the design-to-operate (D2O) product lifecycle, which spans the phases of design,

Transparency And Trust: The Hallmarks Of Digital Twins In Logistics

16-Aug-2018 | Markus Rosemann

This is the fourth blog in our Network of Digital Twins series. Check out our previous post to learn how digital twins can deliver individualization. Supply chains need a makeover. In a world where