Dr. Markus Noga

Dr. Markus Noga

About Dr. Markus Noga

Dr. Markus Noga is vice president of Machine Learning at SAP. Machine Learning (ML) applies deep learning and advanced data science to solve business challenges. The ML team aspires to building SAP’s next growth business in intelligent solutions and works closely with existing product units and platform teams to deliver business value to their customers. Part of the SAP Innovation Center Network (ICN), the Machine Learning team operates as a lean startup within SAP with sites in Germany, Israel, Singapore, and the United States.

Bringing Transparency Into AI

27-Nov-2018 | Dr. Markus Noga

Companies are increasingly using machine learning models to make decisions, such as the allocation of jobs, loans, or university admissions, that directly or indirectly affect people's lives. Algorith

From Digital To Intelligent: Making The Most Of Machine Learning

23-May-2018 | Dr. Markus Noga

Businesses are no longer just digital – they are becoming increasingly intelligent. A recent survey of 360 organizations by the Economist Intelligence Unit and SAP showed that, on average, 68% of th